Jane | Children Photography | Menominee Marina, MI

If you’ve ever met my niece Jane, you’d know that she is one of the most fun and adorable people to be around.  This cover photo just says it all.  When I took her to the Menominee Marina in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I didn’t have to even ask her to do anything.  Everything that did was just a genuine expression of who she was.  Children are the most creative and unencumbered as compared to any other age group because they simply have no thought in their head that they aren’t amazing just as they are.  In fact, she even began telling me, while I was shooting, “Auntie, I’m pretty amazing, aren’t I?”  To which I responded, “Yes! Without a doubt!”

I love this little girl and I secretly hope she comes through on her proposal about her future living arrangements.  While she not so tiredly went off to bed, she turned around and asked, “Auntie, when I’m older and you’re not dead yet, do you want to live together some day?”  After my boyfriend and I stopped laughing, I agreed whole-heartedly.  Yes, that would be fantastic.


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