Karla Solomon’s Headshots | Kerrville, TX

If you don’t know Karla, you’d never guess that in 2016 this woman was living in a nightmare.  As a wife and a mother of two, she was kidnapped and forced into sex slavery.  The one time she escaped, she got threatened by the pimp that controlled her with a picture he had taken of her daughter.  If Karla didn’t come back, her daughter was going to be her substitute.  So she returned, but miraculously, she was rescued out of trafficking and found the Lord’s love and mercy after a failed suicide attempt.  She now bravely speaks about her journey of faith and redemption and is a beacon of hope to all around her (including me).Karla-Scott-11-15-2018-Andrea-Carter-Photography-2-4





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  1. I heard about Karla’s amazing story of survival on TPR. I’m glad she made it out and is sharing her story to help others. Thanks for capturing her beautiful spirit in these photos and helping further educate people! Blessings to Karla and her family!

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