Sedona, AZ | Congress, AZ

I went to Congress, AZ with my fiance over Thanksgiving and ended up taking a tour of Northern Arizona.  I never knew how diverse Arizona was, even after being at the Grand Canyon several years ago in the freezing cold December weather.  My love for Arizona has grown over the years and after getting to spend time in both Sedona and Congress, I can absolutely see the appeal!  How I love this place and it’s rich heritage!


I seriously love the saguaro cactus.  There’s something so beautiful about these monolith-like plants.  For one, they’re recognized and admired so much that in the state of Arizona, they are protected, so it’s illegal to transplant these beauties.  They will only grow in Arizona because of its perfect weather conditions.  Also, it can take up to 10 years for it to grow 1 inch in height!  Judging by the height and number of arms it has, this saguaro is well over 100 years old.  Crazy!sedona-az-11-23-2018-andrea-carter-photography-28


House Rock is pretty incredible.  Hundreds of years ago, the Natives used to camp around this rock.  It is permanently seared with black ash from their campfire and branded with their stories.  I love this painting I found with a rider on a horse and a circle with a heart in the inside.sedona-az-11-23-2018-andrea-carter-photography-23sedona-az-11-23-2018-andrea-carter-photography-22sedona-az-11-23-2018-andrea-carter-photography-17

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