Molokai and Maui, Hawaii

TOP 5 Reasons you need to get to Maui!

#1 If you’ve ever wondered what Jurassic Park would look like in real life, you’d love Maui. It might have something to do with the fact that they filmed part of it there 😉 They give helicopter rides, people!

#2 February is peak Humpback whale season. They are probably the coolest animals because they travel from Alaska to Maui to mate and give birth. They don’t eat for THREE months and then go back to Alaska!! Talk about beast mode.

#3 Snorkeling with sea turtles and a million neon colored fish is ON POINT. I could have stayed there for hours. My husband and I also raced back to the boat… and I smoked him. Victory is sweet, so that could also have colored my experience a little brighter.

#4 They make the best ice cream I’ve ever had. EVER. Seriously ever. It’s called Banana Mac-Crunch aka banana macadamias and toffee… if you don’t like banana they have vanilla (for the non-fruity fans). Game changer. I’ve never had anything else close to it. Unfortunately for me, they only make it on the island and I don’t know how it’d go over to order ice cream in the mail from Hawaii…

#5 We ate at the Bubba Gump’s where Chris Pratt used to work and walked through the park where he heard a street preacher talk about Jesus. He later gave his life to the Lord, got back on the acting track and then WENT BACK to star in a movie called Jurassic park. Circle complete. Boom👊


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