Kerrville Headshot Photographer | Valerie Chambers of Century 21

I LOVE helping small businesses grow and Valerie Chambers of Century 21 is my newest client.  She had come to the conclusion that she wanted to spend more time focusing on what she does best rather than doing all the marketing herself.  So while I was able to get her fresh headshots and design digital media marketing materials for her, she got also got a project manager, a consultant to give sound practical marketing advice that she can do on her own, and a teacher who empowered her for the next phase in her already successful business.  My hope is that I can help the small business owner with small incremental changes that make big impacts!   Valerie is on the move and believing for big things on the horizon.  Way to go Valerie!Valerie-Chambers-04-12-2019-Andrea-Carter-Photography--22Valerie-Chambers-04-12-2019-Andrea-Carter-Photography--4Valerie-Chambers-04-12-2019-Andrea-Carter-Photography--40

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