Kerrville Proposal Photographer | The Empty Cross | Tanya and Sloan

This Easter was extra special for Sloan and Tanya because right in the middle of the Empty Cross Sculpture Garden in Kerrville, TX, Sloan got down on one knee and asked Tanya to be his forever. He didn’t only have to win over Tanya, but he had to get Tanya’s daughter, Landri’s approval as well. They were both beyond happy about it! So Landri, being in on the secret, begged Sloan to take them all to the Cross after dinner. When they arrived, it was full of people! BUT my husband and I came earlier to keep all the people out of the frame for their big moment (I’m so thankful for him!). They stood by instead to clap and cheer for their big moment! As Sloan got down on one knee, Tanya cried, Landri jumped up and down in excitement and asked her to be his wife. Without hesitation, she said yes and fell into his arms. The pictures just say it all.

Easter was extra special to them because they were both baptized a couple years back on Easter and they wanted to keep the theme going! I was absolutely thrilled when Sloan asked me to be a part of the big moment. Their love is true; their love is pure; their love is endless.


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