Meet Apollo and Delilah | Mountain Home, TX

Today I unexpectedly ended up having a free afternoon and so I thought I’d get to try out my new lighting set up!  You’d never know, but I just set up my lights and my white backdrop on my front porch.  I’d say it works!  I’m totally happy with the results, so let me introduce you to my pretty puppies, Apollo the German Shepherd and Delilah the Chihuahua!  Does anyone else’s pets have a million different nicknames?  I can’t keep up with them all anymore.

Introducing… Apollo (AKA: A-Dog, AP, Mr. Puppy, BFD, BFB, Big-one, Bubba-dog, Bubba-boy, Pup-a-do, Puppy-boy…)!  We always joke that we should have probably named him offically Bubba over Apollo because he is the biggest goofball puppy ever.  Yes, he is a Bubba-dog that always makes us laugh.  He loves to prance around with his favorite toy: the rock.  Any old rock will do!  As long as you throw it, it’s now his favorite.  Haha.  He loves to play hide and seek with it.  WOW.  This dog is so smart.  I love having a smart dog because he’s so sensitive and loyal and obedient!

He’s just a little over a year now and at 70 lbs, we think he’ll likely get up to 100 lbs eventually!  He’s also getting very cuddly and vocal.  Extremely vocal!  He loves to wrestle with his little 10 lb chihuahua sister, Delilah.  I love the big-dog, little-dog combo.  No one has enough energy to satisfy Apollo’s play needs and Delilah definitely wears him out!  They are absolutely the sweetest together.

Doggies-04-26-2019-Andrea-Carter-Photography--3Doggies-04-26-2019-Andrea-Carter-Photography--8.jpgDoggies-04-26-2019-Andrea-Carter-Photography--13 copy.jpg

Introducing… Delilah (AKA: DD, DD-girl, D-Dog, Missy-girl, Mini-one, Mini-girl, Baby-girl)!  She is the sweetest little girl who loves to be held like a little baby and pounce on her big brother…. and then she kind of loses herself whenever there’s something to smell, something to eat, and something she “perceives” as a threat… like a shadow.  It’s like Jekyll and Hyde.  I think it’s because she’s pretty dingy, especially when you compare her to her big brother Apollo.  But we still love her anyway!  When she’s sweet and cuddly, it makes up for all the crazy moments of dinginess when he base motives go into HYPER OVERDRIVE.


That’s Delilah!  We’re used to it by now and while I didn’t think I’d like a little dog, she’s more like a cat to me, which I love!   She’s my cat when I need one… until I tame those feral cats outside!  😀


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