Texas Wildflowers | Mountain Home, TX

Since moving out to the country, I have been blessed with a wild, unruly yard that’s FULL of the famous Texas wildflowers.  Since we’ve been getting so much rain, even the spiky, thorny, things are blooming right now in the Hill Country!  New kinds keep popping up every single week and since my mom raised me with a green thumb, I’m giddy with excitement!  I even asked my husband to not cut the grass just so we could enjoy them for longer.  😀

I’ve been admiring them for months now and while the famous Texas bluebonnets are nearly done blooming, there are still LOTS of varieties that are showing off now.  I had my camera out for another shoot I did this morning, and so I knew I needed to take my chance right now.  I sure was glad for my Canon 100mm macro 2.8 (And yes, I’m a Canon girl!).

PS: No I don’t know all the names, so don’t ask!  Is there a botanist in my following?!


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