My Wedding Day |Maui, HI

Last week Braedon and I got an email from our wedding photographer in Maui to explain that they want to get our wedding photos featured in a few publications.  We were so thrilled!  And also just amazed that other people thought they were as stunning as we did!  I LOVED my wedding photos and as a photographer, I didn’t care how much we spent on them.  I just wanted the best photographer in Maui, and after looking at them ALL, I loved Karma Hill the best.  If you’re ever need photos in Maui, look them up!

I knew I wanted my wedding to be a day that could look back on and not grimace at the sight of the unflattering angles and lighting and inconsistencies.  And after seeing them on day one, I TOTALLY believe it was worth the money we invested in these beautiful photos of our memories.  The investment was 100% worth it. If you want to see more of our honeymoon in Maui, click here.

If I could give a future bride any advice, it would be to make sure that the photographer knows what he/she is doing.  There are many different and beautiful styles of photography, but consistency is a big deal!  You put a lot of trust in your photographer to not miss the biggest moments of the day and not to present unflattering photos back to you of you or guests.  The other piece of advice I would recommend is to get a photographer that really understands what are the most important elements of your wedding day.  Every couple is different and so is every wedding!  So just make sure you’re comfortable communicating with them, because they will be with you ALL day long on one of the most important days of your life!

So after I strolled down memory lane with all my photos, it suddenly dawned on me that I never blogged about my own wedding day! So, here it is, in all it’s glory :D.  We actually decided to get married in Maui because I always wanted to get married on a tropical beach.  This isn’t for everyone because the reality is, not everyone can afford to come!  Full disclosure, on the wedding day, part of me did want to have all my friends and extended family (only immediate family were there), and there was definitely a tinge of remorse, but for Braedon and I, it was still the best decision.  We have a lot of close friends (A TON) and family (HUGE FAMILY!!), but my desire to have that small intimate wedding on a dreamy beach was higher on the list of priorities.  So went that route and we made sure we had an amazing photographer to document the day!  Boy did she ever!

It even started to rain during the ceremony, but because it was President’s Day, the beach was FULL of people.  As the rain came in, the people cleared out!  And just as quickly as it started, it went away 😀  And it ended with the most beautiful sunset.  We also got BLASTED by the waves that completely soaked us, which was pretty funny in the end.  That’s us though.  We make the best out of any situation!


















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