Kerrville Wedding Photographer | The Empty Cross | Tanya and Sloan

Sloan and Tanya wanted a small ceremony up at the Empty Cross in Kerrville, surrounded by the a small, yet extremely dedicated group of friends!  This couple has gone through so much together that the location of their wedding was extremely important to them!  For them, the cross symbolized them overcoming so many challenges.  This wedding happened just one month after the proposal, so I guess when you know the timing is right, you just waste no time!  Their daughter Landri was also a big part of their wedding because they needed her to know just how big of a part she plays in their family.  Not only did Tanya and Sloan get rings, but she got one too!  This precious moment as the family became one before God was almost just surreal.  Hardly a dry eye in the group of witnesses.  With God as their first, they have the beginnings of a happily ever after!  Congratulations Sloan and Tanya Bennett!




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