Kerrville Newborn Photographer | Maebri

This is sweet, sweet baby Maebri! I love this beautiful shot with her mother’s wedding dress and veil!  No newborn session is ever the same because I go to the homes of each baby.  You’d never guess that this house was under renovation when I photographed it!  You’d never know that no one in the family felt like they were ready for the session.  Except Maebri.  She was ready!  Her mom Ashlie had her fed and ready to go and everything else just worked.  Maybe you’re a mom who doesn’t feel ready for photographs with her newborn.  I promise you, we will find a way to make it all work.  The most common feedback I hear from my clients is that I make everyone feel comfortable!

I bet you’ll never feel “fully ready” to get your photographs taken, but you can’t get back the precious days when they are so little!  Most of my clients book in advance, so that when the baby arrives everything is already taken care of.  I’d love to schedule a phone call with you so we can talk over how the process works and what you can expect!  Click here to get in touch and I’ll get back to you soon!


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