Meet Andrea


Meet Andrea

My creativity was vast and growing, even when I was kid, but I didn’t really know where I wanted to focus until I had tried out all my interests professionally first!  I wanted to do literally EVERYTHING: Singing, playing instruments, painting, photography, graphic design, videography, editing, web design, sculpting, drawing… you name it.  I wanted to pursue it!

In college, I studied marketing and economics and graduated with a degree in Consumer Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  It was apparently too structured for my personality because immediately after I graduated, I became a full-time musician (and did the whole starving artist thing—it wasn’t fun and don’t recommend it!).  Afterwards, I got more serious about life and managed a small chiropractic office for a time, until I made a BIG leap to learn how to run a media production company.  For years I worked in videography, editing, and ran huge, live events, because the creative side of me was always calling me to pursue more.  My determination compelled me to navigate unknown territory even when I wasn’t sure if I could do it!

After feeling very burned out working in live events and productions, I again tried my hand at a corporate job where I thought I had it all!  Until I realized that once again, my creative juices were reaching maximum point of capacity and it all had to be let out again.  Does anyone else here, see the pattern?!  I continually went from pure creative positions to pure structure in corporate settings.  It’s like I couldn’t decide what I wanted, but now, when I look back, I see that I had gathered everything I needed to run the type of business I always dreamed of: to work for myself as a creative.  All that experience is rolled up into one: me: photographer, videographer, digital editor, musician, vocalist, songwriter, marketing, branding, graphic design, live event producer and director, and even diving into web design.

So all that experience brings me to the place where I find myself now.  I’m not just a photographer or videographer or a graphic designer/marketer or someone who does just one thing.  My company is client experience focused and I love working with clients that want more than just a transaction—I’m a real live person that wants to serve my clients well and that goes beyond just delivering a product for X amount of money.  I realized long ago that the most important powerful part of any business is their clients.  So, I focus on serving my clients well, whether you’re a small business owner or a planning a wedding.  And to do that well, I find out what your goals and your vision is so that I can help make that happen.  When I can do that, I have done my job.

Meet my family


This is my man, Braedon!  He is the love of my life!  He is my biggest supporter; he loves me more than anyone could; he is always encouraging me and is usually assisting me for my photography shoots!  He has the best sense of humor and so we laugh a LOT!  It’s probably one of my favorite things about him.  We actually got married in Maui because I’m a beach girl and it was my dream ever since I was a very young to get married on a beach in paradise!  It could not have been dreamier!

We currently live in out in the country in Mountain Home, Texas, which is in the Hill Country.  The Hill Country of Texas is pretty unique in that it is SO GREEN when the rest of the state can be bone dry and dusty.  We get the coastal humidity being only a few hours from the Gulf of Mexico, so that another reason why we tend to stay green and have a constant breeze.  We’re only a short drive from Austin and San Antonio as well.  Houston and Dallas is probably not a day trip, but it’s still not far from us when you consider that to get from end to end in Texas is an 18 hour drive!  Yes, 18 hours!   I absolutely love being in the country because it’s my get-a-way from busyness and where I can be surrounded by God’s perfect beauty.  We’re big fans of it here, but don’t tell anyone.  We want to keep it this way 😉


These are my puppies! I did a whole post on them because they have HUGE personalities. They always make life more fun.  Our goofy German Shepherd, Apollo, loves his little sister Delilah the chihuahua.  They are adorable together.  If you’ve never tried the big-dog, little-dog combination, I highly recommend it.  We bring them with us hiking and believe it or not, Delilah will outlast Apollo usually!  We love them so much!

Andrea’s likes and favorites

I’m still doing what the little kid Andrea wanted so long ago.  I’m on stage (just a smaller one!) singing and playing pretty close to every week at our church.  As the worship leader there, I lead an amazing bunch of musicians and I couldn’t ask for a better group!  I also speak and love teaching.  My big time dream is to open up an art school one day, so I can help artists navigate the deep waters within.  I used to think that being an artist was a curse because I could never be satisfied with working 9 to 5 and going home.  But I now embrace it and teach others how to harness the wild creative wells within so they can be successful entrepreneurs.

I love hiking and being in nature, so I would love to be able to go to every National Park in the US.  I’ve been to quite a few so far, but I have SO many to go!  Here’s the list so far: Grand Canyon NP, Rocky Mountain NP, Big Bend NP, Badlands NP, Mount Rushmore NM, Yellowstone NP (I got engaged here, so it’s my favorite), Grand Tetons NP, Sequoia NP, Kings Canyon NP, Golden Gate NRA, Lake Amistad NRA, Whiskeytown NRA, Point Reyes NS, and Canaveral NS.

My favorite meal would be thin crust pizza and GT’s lemonade kombucha (I’m even drinking it now as I write this!).  Who doesn’t love pizza?  I know it sounds so cliche, but it has always been my go to favorite.  Thin, crispy crust, bonus points for wood fire style… yep.  That’s my ideal pizza.  No thank you Chicago style, deep dish “pizza.”  To me it’s like eating a loaf of soggy bread with a bowl of red sauce on top with an inch thick layer of cheese.  Maybe that’s your thing!  You do you, boo.  I’ll forever want the crispy thin crust with that smokey goodness baked in!  With kombucha, you either love it or hate it.  I get it.  But I think I could go broke on it.  I had a couple year stints where I made it faithfully every week.  Those days of messing with it are over.  Sometimes you just gotta “pay the man.”  It’s a battle that’s not worth fighting when I have so many other irons in the fire!

You might be wondering, “why did she share all this?! It’s so personal.”  For two big reasons: One, I’m a teacher and I’m also a creative.  And in order to be me, I put myself out there every single day.  I have to practice what I preach.  So when I tell other artists to be brave and put themselves out there, I have to as well!  The second reason is that I truly believe that a genuine connection is the most important thing I can establish with my clients.  It’s my most valuable asset.