Small Business Marketing

I love small business marketing because I want to see them thriving!  Whether you’re looking for fresh, new headshots and business cards or maybe you’re stuck in a marketing rut and need business consulting, I’d love to hear more about your project.   I have 7 years of wide-ranging experience in videography, photography, graphic design, branding and marketing.  Will all that experience, I find smart, creative and cost-effective solutions to help you get over the marketing hump!   The hope for all my clients is that we establish small changes that make big impacts. Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, you just have to know where to aim!

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Small changes we can that produce big results:

Branding: When you have a cohesive look on all of your marketing materials, and logo design, people can recognize you more quickly!

Website SEO: When Google can find you, your clients can too!

Headshots: Help your clients remember you with beautiful, professional and personal photos.  You are the face of your business!  You are where the value of your business lies, show it off!

Business Cards:  You absolutely need business cards that go to work for you.  We all get business cards that end up in a purse or wallet and we never see them again or don’t remember who gave it to you.  Your business card needs to make an impression and provide a careful balance of presenting the right information while still maintaining a fresh, updated design.

PR:  You are your own Public Relations department.  There are basic things you need to know that could be damaging your public perception as well as alienating your clients.  Word of mouth is your best bet on business, so what are your clients and potential clients saying about you?

Social Media: You don’t have to master Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and tie it all in to your website somehow!  You don’t need to drive yourself crazy with it all.  We will analyze your market and the places your clients are going so you can focus on what matters most to you!